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Monthly Archives: January 2016

Securus Technologies just reached a record as they company and its employees giving $345,763 to the 2015 United Way Campaign. In 2008, the company’s donations totaled around $33,000, but thanks to a winning campaign, they have managed to increase that ten times over. This whopping donation amount also earned the company a few records including highest level of annual Securus Associates contributors, greatest percent increase above annual goal, greatest number of leadership givers, and greatest number of associates giving.

Securus Technologies is a company based in Dallas, Texas. The company serves over 3,400 corrections agencies, public safety agencies, and law enforcement agencies as well as over 1,200,000 inmates currently incarcerated in North America. Securus Technologies is the leader and manufacturer of the video visitation mobile app which allows families to visit with loved ones who are incarcerated by chatting through the app on their smartphone or tablet. The app is free, but allows families to stay in contact with loved ones so they don’t miss special moments in life like birthdays, holidays, or special moments of achievement. 

Securus is also a key manufacturer in software that connects cities, law enforcement agencies, and more to connect together and share, visualize, store, and collect information. The data they share and collect can be critical information for emergency response dispatchers, public safety, and law enforcement working cases. 

Securus Technologies also creates and sells inmate communication monitoring programs that aid in GPS and RF-based reporting services that include supervision, location, and movement tracking of both adults and juveniles to help keep the community safe. 
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In 2013 the Coriant company was established by the investment company Marlin Equity Partners, who had purchased a number of technology companies and an entire department from the technology giant Siemens. The company has already begun to make an impact on the telecommunications industry under the leadership of Marlin’s Pat DiPietro, but is now looking to make an even stronger impact on the industry with the appointment of Shayagan Kheradpir as the incoming CEO.

Shaygan Kheradpir is a string choice as CEO as he has developed a range of skills from technology development through to the latest in business techniques. Coriant is looking to develop new technologies in the telecommunications and data networking areas, which should suit the skills of Kheradpir in leading them to greater success in the future. Kheradpir is well known for heading the development of new technologies for the telecommunications industry. Soon after Kheradpir graduated from Cornell University he made his way to GTE Labs and later Verizon where he revolutionized the research and development areas of the entire industry.

Not only did Shaygan Kheradpir change the way telecommunications companies develop new hardware he also looked to make significant changes to the way business was completed. Kheradpir was amongst the first technology executives to realize the monetary savings offered by outsourcing IT departments, and also looked to take a strong position during negotiations to reduce the costs for business contracts. His skills as a business leader eventually saw Shaygan Kheradpir take up a seat on the board of the financial giant, Barclay’s.

Coriant is now looking to build upon its early success that has seen the company reach more than 3,000 employees and has reached customers in around 100 countries. The work of Coriant has been recognized by many who see the company as one of the most important for the future of the telecommunications industry, which has seen Coriant look to challenge the dominance of the established corporations traditionally heading the industry.

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Trying to predict future economic events is difficult for anyone to do. Few people have had as much success as George Soros over the years. There are a lot of different economic variables that affect how well the economy does. There is a lot of chatter right now in economic circles about the strength of the global economy. The problem is that many people are trying to figure out how to make money investing in the current market. George Soros is someone who has a lot of experience in predicting the stock market. He says that the current stock market reminds him a lot of 2008. Here are some of the biggest issues that the overall economy is facing.

Slow Growth

The entire world seems to be lodged in a slow economic environment. There are few people who are able to advance to the levels that they want to financially. One of the biggest reasons for the slow growth in the economy is the fact that the overall population is getting older. There are a lot of people who are no longer in the workforce. However, these same people are getting government benefits. There are a lot of reasons why this can drag an economy down. People like George Soros are concerned about the overall future of the economy with the current demographics. Anyone who wants to invest in the long term potential of the economy needs to remember this.

High Debt

There are also a lot of people who have high levels of debt. Over the long term, high debt levels can prevent a person from having as much cash flow as they would like to. There are many different plans out there for paying off debt. However, many people have made bad financial decisions in the past. This has led to a lot of people having a high debt load that they cannot deal with.

George Soros

There are few people who have as much influence over public opinion of the stock market as George Soros. He has done a great job of predicting trends in the past that few people were willing to speak up about. There are a lot of people who want to know his thoughts on the overall state of the global economy. Unfortunately, there are many data points that show global economic growth is slowing down.




Has the time arrived to finally switch phone carriers? Anyone who is not thrilled with his or her current cell phone service probably would be doing the right thing by making a switch. Do not make the switch without carefully thinking things through though. LifeHacker has published an article that points out a few things to keep in mind before jumping to a new cell phone service.

Being aware of the rules of any current cell phone contracts is very important. A fee may be required to make a cancellation. The fee may prove to be a non-issue if the new service either ends up being really inexpensive or if the company pays the fee on the new client’s behalf.

Make sure the jump to a new provider comes without any hassles. Things are a lot easier these days thanks to new way the switch process has been automated. No one likes to deal with hassles and, thankfully, there are fewer these days. Things have also become tremendously cheaper thanks to the arrival of exceptional budget services.

The budget-service company FreedomPop is changing the way people access mobile service. One age old method is going to become extinct. That method is the notion people have to pay for service. Yes, FreedomPop presents a mobile service that has been perfectly designed for the customer who is on a really tight budget.

FreedomPop is a company located in Los Angeles and the management who launched the company (with generous startup investment funds) presented the budget-conscious consumer public with something very interesting. Upon purchasing a phone, customer could have access to a limited amount of free phone, text, and data service. No contracts are involved and no hidden fees ever factor into the sign up.

FreedomPop has also launched some very novel promotional strategies. Very expensive phones were sold at enormous discounts prior to Black Friday of 2015. The phones also came with one month of unlimited service. Deals like that are hard to top. FreedomPop does seem interested in wanting to top itself. In 2016, the company will be releasing a new phone, a Wi-Fi phone. Such a product can help those on a budget save even more cash.

Cheaper service is very attractive to people looking to switch to a new cell phone service. Who would blame them? Why pay more when money could be much more easily saved?

Doe Deere, CEO of Lime Crime cosmetics, recently shared her favorite fashion and beauty rules to break. Deere is famous for her bright hair and makeup, which have become a signature look for her brand, Lime Crime. She’s an artist turned business woman, and Self-Made magazine recently named her one of the Top Inspiring Female Entrepreneurs.

Deere says that she has always been imaginative and loves to create looks with as much color as possible. Deere came up with the name Lime Crime in 2004 when she was creating a name for her eBay store. She says that the word “lime crime” popped into her head first. Lime green was one of her favorite colors and the name wasn’t already taken, so she registered it not knowing how popular it would become. Judging by her vibrant and colorful looks, it is clear that Deere has never been one to follow the rules, so it’s no surprise that she recently shared her favorite beauty and fashion rules to break. Here they are:

1. A bold eye with a bold lip won’t work.

Deere says that she breaks this rule almost every day. She says that, in her opinion, many bold colors at the same time are a great look.

2. You shouldn’t mix too many colors at once.

Deere says that there is no reason you can’t use a bunch of colors on your face as long as they are coordinated. This rule can be used for clothes as well as hair and makeup.

3. You shouldn’t mix patterns.

Deere believes that more patterns are better. She says that she is a huge fan of print-on-print outfits. According to Deere, there is no real wrong way to pair patters, but it is important to make sure that they have the same color scheme and compliment each other.

4. Socks with open-toed shoes are a fashion mistake.

Deere feels that no outfit is complete without a colorful pair of socks and hiding them beneath closed-toed shoes would just be wrong.

5. If you have unnaturally colored hair, you should only wear neutral colors.

Deere agrees that black, white, and other neutral colors create a good background for brightly colored hair, but she won’t stop wearing the colors she loves. She believes that, as long as you pay attention to how the colors coordinate with one another, there’s no reason you can’t wear colorful clothing with colorful hair.

6. Dress according to your age.

Many older people feel that they can’t wear the same things they used to wear when they were younger, but Deere says there’s no reason they can’t. She believes that age should not dictate what colors, patterns, or styles one wears.

7. You should always dress appropriately for the occasion.

Deere says that she never saves her fancier outfits for special occasions. If she wants to wear them and doesn’t have a special event to attend, she wears them to the grocery store instead. She feels that we should dress in what makes us feel beautiful, regardless of how appropriate it is for the occasion.

Overall, Deere’s message is that, regardless of what fashion rules state, we should wear our hair, makeup, and clothing in the way that makes us feel most beautiful because that is what fashion is all about.