Doe Deere, CEO of Lime Crime cosmetics, recently shared her favorite fashion and beauty rules to break. Deere is famous for her bright hair and makeup, which have become a signature look for her brand, Lime Crime. She’s an artist turned business woman, and Self-Made magazine recently named her one of the Top Inspiring Female Entrepreneurs.

Deere says that she has always been imaginative and loves to create looks with as much color as possible. Deere came up with the name Lime Crime in 2004 when she was creating a name for her eBay store. She says that the word “lime crime” popped into her head first. Lime green was one of her favorite colors and the name wasn’t already taken, so she registered it not knowing how popular it would become. Judging by her vibrant and colorful looks, it is clear that Deere has never been one to follow the rules, so it’s no surprise that she recently shared her favorite beauty and fashion rules to break. Here they are:

1. A bold eye with a bold lip won’t work.

Deere says that she breaks this rule almost every day. She says that, in her opinion, many bold colors at the same time are a great look.

2. You shouldn’t mix too many colors at once.

Deere says that there is no reason you can’t use a bunch of colors on your face as long as they are coordinated. This rule can be used for clothes as well as hair and makeup.

3. You shouldn’t mix patterns.

Deere believes that more patterns are better. She says that she is a huge fan of print-on-print outfits. According to Deere, there is no real wrong way to pair patters, but it is important to make sure that they have the same color scheme and compliment each other.

4. Socks with open-toed shoes are a fashion mistake.

Deere feels that no outfit is complete without a colorful pair of socks and hiding them beneath closed-toed shoes would just be wrong.

5. If you have unnaturally colored hair, you should only wear neutral colors.

Deere agrees that black, white, and other neutral colors create a good background for brightly colored hair, but she won’t stop wearing the colors she loves. She believes that, as long as you pay attention to how the colors coordinate with one another, there’s no reason you can’t wear colorful clothing with colorful hair.

6. Dress according to your age.

Many older people feel that they can’t wear the same things they used to wear when they were younger, but Deere says there’s no reason they can’t. She believes that age should not dictate what colors, patterns, or styles one wears.

7. You should always dress appropriately for the occasion.

Deere says that she never saves her fancier outfits for special occasions. If she wants to wear them and doesn’t have a special event to attend, she wears them to the grocery store instead. She feels that we should dress in what makes us feel beautiful, regardless of how appropriate it is for the occasion.

Overall, Deere’s message is that, regardless of what fashion rules state, we should wear our hair, makeup, and clothing in the way that makes us feel most beautiful because that is what fashion is all about.