Has the time arrived to finally switch phone carriers? Anyone who is not thrilled with his or her current cell phone service probably would be doing the right thing by making a switch. Do not make the switch without carefully thinking things through though. LifeHacker has published an article that points out a few things to keep in mind before jumping to a new cell phone service.

Being aware of the rules of any current cell phone contracts is very important. A fee may be required to make a cancellation. The fee may prove to be a non-issue if the new service either ends up being really inexpensive or if the company pays the fee on the new client’s behalf.

Make sure the jump to a new provider comes without any hassles. Things are a lot easier these days thanks to new way the switch process has been automated. No one likes to deal with hassles and, thankfully, there are fewer these days. Things have also become tremendously cheaper thanks to the arrival of exceptional budget services.

The budget-service company FreedomPop is changing the way people access mobile service. One age old method is going to become extinct. That method is the notion people have to pay for service. Yes, FreedomPop presents a mobile service that has been perfectly designed for the customer who is on a really tight budget.

FreedomPop is a company located in Los Angeles and the management who launched the company (with generous startup investment funds) presented the budget-conscious consumer public with something very interesting. Upon purchasing a phone, customer could have access to a limited amount of free phone, text, and data service. No contracts are involved and no hidden fees ever factor into the sign up.

FreedomPop has also launched some very novel promotional strategies. Very expensive phones were sold at enormous discounts prior to Black Friday of 2015. The phones also came with one month of unlimited service. Deals like that are hard to top. FreedomPop does seem interested in wanting to top itself. In 2016, the company will be releasing a new phone, a Wi-Fi phone. Such a product can help those on a budget save even more cash.

Cheaper service is very attractive to people looking to switch to a new cell phone service. Who would blame them? Why pay more when money could be much more easily saved?