Mike Paul, the “Reputation Doctor” is coming to Status Labs in a board advisory position. Paul will be providing counsel and strategic guidance to Status Labs. Paul is the executive in charge of Reputation Doctor LLC.

Paul understands the importance of good public relations and effective crisis management. His clients include a very impressive list of several major corporations. Paul has also been a frequent guest on cable television and other media. By forming a strategic partnership with Status Labs, Mike Paul can help the firm better serve those clients in desperate need of help.

Status Labs is an Austin, TX firm that specializes in reputation management. Specifically, the firm helps those whose good name is suffering from major online reputation woes. Businesses and professionals cannot effectively run their endeavors when a name is suffering from reputation issues. Similarly, personal lives suffer when document dumps occur or private matters become public.

Status Labs aids in the repair of reputations. The firm is definitely doing something right. Revenues have increased over 900% since the founding of the company in 2012. The Austin office has moved to the prestigious business district in the city, another sign of success. Success is defined by helping and pleasing clients. Status Labs has helped over 1,500 clients over the course of three short years.

Darius Fisher is the “wizard” behind Status Labs. Fisher previous worked as an advertising copywriter so he knows just how important it to write outstanding material to help establish a brand or image. When a reputation has been undermined in some way, it becomes even more important to craft online content on websites, social media, and elsewhere in order to get a reputation back on track. Status Labs performs numerous tasks that fall under such a description.

Businesses most definitely have to maintain a good image online. If not, customers are going to stay away. Honestly, so might potential employees and business partners. Unless definitive steps are taken to fix these problems, nothing positive is going to happen.

The new partnership with Mike Paul proves Status Labs is committed to bring aboard the best possible experts to help its clients.