Talk of White Shark Media and immediately, digital marketing comes to mind. The company is currently one of the top managing companies of the world, managing close to $36 million in ad spend and sending 300,000 emails and 35,000 reports as of last year.

Having started five years ago as a small boutique agency, White Shark Media have climbed the ranks and claimed a top position as one of the best-known companies in the industry and have a spotless track record that proves their worth. White Shark Media is the guaranteed solution if you want to drive traffic via AdWords to your website.

Whether you have never used AdWords before, or you are running a campaign, White Shark Media makes it easy to request for a free AdWords evaluation. One of the trained specialists at AdWords takes you through the process of directing more traffic to your website.

These specialists perform the evaluations through During the assessment, you have access to the specialist’s screen, and you can follow what they say and do in detail. Once the evaluation is done, you are more knowledgeable than when you initially came in. You, therefore, have two options; letting White Shark Media manage your campaign for you, or using your newly acquired knowledge to run your campaign by yourself.

Apart from Adwords Management, White Shark Media also offer clients search engine optimization and search engine marketing which also help improve search engine rankings and thus drive traffic to websites.

Just like any other company, White Shark Media also faces complaints by customers. Some of the typical complaints include:

• Claims of clients losing touch with AdWords Campaigns: this most often comes down to the case of communication. This has been dealt with through explaining in detail to clients the ins and outs of their campaigns, thereby allowing them to know where exactly to go if they need to access the performance of an ad or keyword.

• Claims of communication not being good enough: there is a time client complained about communication not being good because they had to go through a receptionist.

The company scheduled monthly status calls with GoTo Meeting, an online conference tool that enables clients to go through their monthly reports together with the specialists; another solution to this issue was the introduction of phone systems with direct extensions thus eliminating the need for a receptionist if clients wanted to reach their contact persons. Learn more about WSM:

These strategies have proved to be efficient and have been praised by the same customers who forwarded the concerns.

• Claims of old campaigns performing better than the new optimized campaigns offered: this issue was tackled by ensuring that the successful aspects of the previous campaigns are not done away with while at the same time ensuring that supervisors are teaming up with SEM strategists from White Shark to make the best of the campaign –

Even through these challenges, White House Media has been able to maintain a record that speaks for itself in the industry.