With dreams of revolutionizing the phone world the way that Apple Tv and Hulu have for at home entertainment, company Freedompop, is planning to unleash zero-rate usage of Zuckerberg fronted text and calling service Whatsapp. The idea was pitched in April in order to help further invest in Freedompop’s original plan of keeping communication free, a longstanding goal for the now booming company since its inception in 2011.

While Freedompop was raised in Los Angeles, and has kept its mainstay in the US, the new features and partnership will sadly only be taking place in Spain. The idea to bring this project abroad was not only because of the strong popularity of Freedompop in Spain, but the overall popularity of using an sms based messaging app. With Whatsapp, according to VentureBeat, hosting more than a billion users globally, Freedompop can expect a high rise in users after the anticipated launch, especially when it’s been reported that 70% of Spain’s mobile consumers are using Whatsapp.

Though the partnership is less of a formal one, and more of a smart business opportunity, Freedompop does plan to keep its eyes open for more chances to “Disrupt local markets in a way that will also help us gain traction with their residents.” With no word on where they might expand next, and with all of the fuss about Freedompop and Whatsapp, we’re likely to hear from them soon.
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