Status Labs is a top reputation management firm based in Austin, Texas. Recently, they put together a list of great tips for creating a successful public relations pitch and shared it online for anyone who is curious.

The first tip is to stay on topic. If you fully explore and research the topic you are pitching on it will help a lot. You don’t want to make enemies of journalists by contacting them unnecessarily. They may block you out of anger and that is the kiss of death for any PR person.

The second tip is to fashion your message into an elevator pitch. Journalists are very busy people. They do not want to spend their time on something until they are already confident that it is worthwhile. Keep your email pitches at a length of fewer than 6 sentences and if you have to include a press release include it at the bottom of the email after your signature so journalists are not forced to read it.

The third tip is to know your contact. You must know the status of the person you are pitching within their organization. It is always better to send your pitch to the highest ranking person available to you. This will typically be the Managing Editor. You should put in effort to connect with them on social media. If you share their content with your own network they will be more amiable towards you in the future.

The fourth tip is to offer your journalistic contacts the world and more. You must go above and beyond to satisfy their questions in a timely manner. If you make their job easier it improves the odds that they will want to work with you again in the future.

The fifth tip is to be a storyteller. You are pitching a great story not just selling them an advertisement.

Status Labs was formed in 2012. Since that time, they have helped thousands of businesses improve their reputation online. They help their customers to engage their audiences with great content that makes them purchase. Status Labs is now an international corporation with offices in New York, San Francisco, and Sao Paulo.

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