Positivity is something that many classrooms may actually be lacking when it comes to students and the way that they are treated and rewarded for the great things that they do. While many teachers begin with the attitude that they will be positive throughout their time of teaching, they may lose sight of that into the process of teaching different classes and different learning levels. It is important that these teachers find a way that they can create a more positive environment or their students, but it may be challenging for them to find the solution that works right for their classroom. Challenging, that is, until they find ClassDojo.

Without the use of a program or platform that is designed to reward good behavior and positive changes in the classroom, teachers may struggle to find what works for their own classroom. They may not be able to find solutions for their students and they may actually struggle to get the right type of learning environment in the classroom. It is very important that they give their students the best environment possible to ensure that they have the best opportunity for learning while they are a part of the classroom.

Unity in the classroom is another change that ClassDojo focuses on. It is something that is necessary for the students to have in order to feel comfortable with the class that they are in. Without the comfort that comes with a unified classroom, students may struggle to learn everything that they need to know. ClassDojo has worked to prove that students who are in a unified classroom will tend to learn better and will be more able to succeed when it comes to the tests and the projects that they must do in the classroom. ClassDojo creates the unity needed for success in the classroom.

With unity comes community and this means that students feel like they are truly a part of something. Some classroom communities may become so strong that they actually feel like they are a family instead of a classroom. These tend to be the best type of learning environments for students and even for teachers. Learning in school becomes less of a chore and more of a fun activity when all students are involved and they are all treated like they are part of something and are unified in togetherness. This is something that ClassDojo creates for classrooms.


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