Dick Devos is one of the greatest entrepreneurs and businessperson from Michigan. His father Richard Devos is the co-founder of Amway. Betsy Devos, her wife, was a chairlady for the Michigan Republican Party. They have four children and one grandchild.
Since he was young, Dick DeVos has been involved in businesses that belong to his family. He has helped a lot in making him the man he is today. He acquired a lot of skill out of this involvement. They were made to be the mini hosts of events. They could stand at the doors and greet visitors who came to their company. Together with his brothers, they could help in clearing and cleaning up plates during events. Escorting guests from one place to another, as assigned was part of their duties.
He has a bachelor’s degree from the Northwood University in business Administration. Later, he attended the Havard School of business. He has received many awards and honors for his academic excellence.
Devos family is well known for its charity work. They have on several occasions helped people in the society. They have made donations to people of the community that are in need. Lately, together with its basketball team, they have donated a large sum of money to help families of the people who were injured during the mass shooting. The mass shooting took place a nightclub, Pulse. Many people lost their lives and a big number of them got injured during the attack.
He has played a major role in reducing the poverty level in his community by a very big margin. A good number of people who were unemployed have been able to secure jobs with the help, Dick. A number of young people fresh from university with education loan have been able to clear their debt because of availability of well paying jobs.
OneOrlando Fund is a non-profitable organization that formed with an aim of giving support to the families of the forty-nine people who died during the attack. Before his death, Omar Mateen, had killed forty-nine people at this gay club. It was such a sad incidence that affected a large number of people.
The Dick Devos family, led by the co-founder of Amway, Rich Devos, is known for being against gay. This is known from the millions of dollars that they donated the campaigns of making gay marriages legal.