FreedomPop is certainly a game changer in the mobile industry. The company is taking charge of the mobile phone industry and encouraging people to take a second look at their present mobile phone plan. The average mobile phone bill takes a big chunk out of their wallet. However, FreedomPop offers a free basic plan that includes 200 voice minutes, 500 text messages, and 500 MB of data. This is sufficient for the lite phone user. In addition, the company also offers a very affordable upgrade plan for those that require more minutes, text, and data.

FreedomPop’s Goal
Just about everyone is familiar with the free FreedomPop plan. Their free plan is advertised on television, radio, magazines, billboards, and online. At first look, the plan looks great. However, others wonder about the plan. Is the plan for real or just a scam. Well, FreedomPop’s free plan is real. It is not a scam. FreedomPop offers the free plan because they are sure that people will like their service and upgrade to a paid plan. The fact is that more people than you might think, quickly upgrade to one of their very affordable paid plans. However, another group is perfectly satisfied with the free plan and continue to use that service.

The FreedomPop Advantage
FreedomPop is a superstar in the competitive world of mobile telephone service. They offer several advantages that attract millions of new customers yearly. A few of the top advantages include $5 Wifi service. The company also offers one of the most affordable mobile service monthly plans at $19.99. This plan includes unlimited talk, text, and messages. All their services are provided over the high quality Sprint network. In addition, the company has great coverage across the country. At one time, FreedomPop was sadly lacking in the mobile phone department. However, the company has stepped up their game. Today, FreedomPop provides a wide variety of the latest smart-phones.

FreedomPop is a very innovative mobile phone service that is based in Los Angeles, California. This innovative company is one of the first to offer customers absolutely free text, talk, and messaging. They also offer customers a very affordable paid plan. FreedomPop provides services to their customers through the Sprint Network. More and more people are abandoning more expensive mobile phone plans and joining FreedomPop. FreedomPop has enjoyed major success. Their success has led to plans to expand their service to the global market.

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