Millennials Are So Happy (Living And Working) Together

In the advent of increased demand for co-working spaces for various business entities such as small businesses as well as startups due to lack of finances, co-living is gaining popularity among Millennials. Co-living boasts of a concept that is akin to shared working spaces. Individuals involved in this type of lifestyle can engage in group book clubs and dinner among other activities. This helps in eliminating the aspect of isolation commonly felt in the major urban areas.

According to Neil Howe, a Forbes contributor, the concept appeals to most Millennials because they do not have an issue when it comes to depending on other individuals for company. Consequently, Millennials prefer co-living and co-working surroundings since they provide a sense of loco parentis, for instance in a co-working space, startups ensure that the office remains clean while workers undertake their job.

Unlike Boomers and Gen Xers, Millennials prefer such shared surroundings since they have a backup plan when things do not work out such as when a startup fails. In the case of co-living, the burden that is accompanied by living alone is taken up by authority figures who act as residential advisors. These authority figures come in handy when conflict occurs in shared apartments.

The desire to have a work-life balance contributes to Millennials opting for shared working and living spaces. There is always a guarantee of finding a person to brainstorm an inspirational idea when it comes up. Millennials also enjoy various benefits such as having an available coffee shop at a close distance.


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