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There is nothing more horrifying than going to the store and trying to pick out an outfit, finding that you just do not know what to get, or finding that the outfit that you do want to get is actually over priced on In this day and age, this seems to be happening to men and women everywhere, more and more often. With all of this confusion in life, wouldn’t it be nice for a savior to come down and say, “Hey, why don’t you let me take over from here”, and make all of the best choices that you ever thought possible when it came to picking an outfit? Wouldn’t it be awesome if all you had to do was tell this savior a few answers to some questions and then they would take over for the rest of your shopping life on when it came to choosing from all the different types of outfits and accessories?

This is where the company Fabletics comes to save the day. Fabletics offers their clients the most unique experience in terms of buying accessories and outfits online, and they are subscription based, meaning that you know that you will be getting the best-of-the-best when it comes to your shopping needs being fulfilled. Who might you ask created this wonderful company? The answer to that question would be actress Kate Hudson, Adam Goldenberg and Don Ressler. Most would think that a company like this would only sell men’s and women’s activewear(outfits and accessories), but that is not the case with Fabletics, they also offer their clients the amazing opportunity to pick from dresses and swimsuits that are up for purchase.

In 2013, the Fabletics company made their splash into the world, and pretty much set it on fire, with all of their unique brands and styles. Fabletics however, can be found not just while surfing the net, but also while out walking on the sidewalks. They now have stores all over the US. Oliver, Kate Hudson’s brother, was the inventor of the men’s line that is now available, giving Fabletics a better line of options to choose from.

Subscriptions at Fabletics

When it comes to getting a good price and still getting amazing quality of merchandise, you need look no further than Fabletics. With a subscription price of just $49.95, it is no wonder that so many are able to afford to look good now. Fabletics has come a long way since they first started out, and they are doing pretty great when it comes to offering their clients exactly the things their hearts desire, at a price that their wallets can afford.

Celebrity hair always looks shiny, smooth and full of body, right?
We’re not talking about extensions, because those have their place in the world of beauty, but real hair that is healthy. That’s the kind of mane beauty writer Emily McClure had dreamed of. It’s not her fault, because her DNA gave her fine, limp locks. So, she decided to try out the famous no lather shampoo system and see if she could create celebrity hair for Bustle.

WEN by Chaz has been around for quite a while now, because it really works, it’s affordable and removes the damaging chemicals from the hair washing experience. Maybe that’s why thousands of fans around the world are hooked on WEN by Chaz; it’s a purely natural experience.

Stylist to the stars, Chaz Dean, created his brand Wen by Chaz, so he could put the strength and beauty back into everyone’s hair, no matter condition it was in. His special cleansing conditioners are full of nourishing botanical ingredients that transform each strand from inside out. All you need is one bottle to cleanse, de-tangle, condition and deep condition. He sells his creations exclusively on Amazon.

Emily chose the FIG cleansing conditioner for extra moisture and body. Right away, she could feel its magic working in the shower. Her mane gathered new fullness, and the texture was ultra smooth. When she took the time to blow it dry and use her favorite styling tools, Emily surprised herself.

Her crowning glory was A-list and super shiny. The hair selfies she posted are all the proof one needs. Even her close friends picked up on the difference and were wowed by Emily’s pretty, soft tresses.

Emily says that WEN by Chaz is not for the lazy gal. Time and effort go a long way in achieving the ultimate healthy full mane. Check out Wen’s YouTube channel for more info.

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Keeping in mind that we already use Securus to talk over the video phone, we also had an issue where my cousin believed that she could not report something that was happening in the jail because of the danger it would pose to her. She wanted me to submit the report of what she saw, but she had no idea how I would do that. I actually stumbled on the ConnectUs system on the Securus website, and I found out that it was possible to submit the forms on their website.

I had already taken down all the information for the incident on our video call, and I used it to fill out the form for my cousin. She told me a lot of things that needed to go on the form, and I made sure that the grievance got submitted in an anonymous way on the site. I was really thankful because I would have given myself away had I been asking around about what to do, but it was right there for me to use on their website.

I had no idea that there were so many forms that you could use at a jail, and I did not know that they could be submitted from outside the jail. I got the form submitted online, and it was not attached to me at all. I actually met someone in a support group who had family in the same jail, and I told her about the Connect US system, too. I think there are a lot of people who do not know about the Securus site, and they need to know for the future. We can all keep our loved ones safe, and we still get to talk to them using Securus and their ConnectUs system for prison forms.