Working On A New Advertising Campaign

After careful consideration, my team decided that we needed to take a fresh look at our advertising efforts. We have been in business for five years now. We mostly deal with phones sales, but a lot of our incoming calls are coming directly from our website. Users were finding our site on their own because we were using keywords to drive them to our business. However, the quality of some of the calls we received was very low. Also, we felt like we weren’t tapping into the market with our approach to advertising because our keyword and SEO knowledge, as a group, was on the lower end. We decided to work with professionals to maximize our outreach to new customers.

One of the team members of my company brought a new advertising company to my table one day. The company is called White Shark Media, and they are a Google Adwords Premier SMB Partner. I looked into what it takes to be a Google Adwords SMB Partner, and I found that the requirements for the partnership program with Google are rather strict. Actually, Google’s team picks which companies can join the partnership program, so they only let the best, top-notch businesses become partners. This made me feel more confident in working with White Shark Media. Then, I started reading about their services, and I was shocked to find out how much they can provide in actual click through rates and advertising overall.

White Shark Media offers a number of free tools and evaluations. My company took their free adwords performance evaluation, and we read through the feedback that their specialist provided. The assessment is risk free, and it gives you a great idea of what kinds of obstacles that your company is dealing with in terms of their advertising program. The free evaluation also shows what White Shark Media can do for your advertising campaign, and they tell you the price, of course.

Information From White Shark Media About Keywords

One of the SEO specialists at White Shark Media wrote this compelling article about keyword targeting that I wanted to pass on to anyone considering changing their advertising strategies. If you are having a low click rate on your site or experiencing any other kind of lag in your marketing efforts, fixing it could be as simple as changing your keywords. The information in this article made me feel like I could trust White Shark Media to do the right thing for my company’s campaign. The article talks all about the importance of knowing how to order your SEO keywords, and it discusses how search engines are operating more intelligently.