There are many new ways to work on the many lung issues of today. Many diseases involving the lungs are on the rise as causes of death, with chronic obstructive pulmonary diseases (COPD) on the path to become the third leading cause soon. It has become so important that the National Institute of Health, or NIH, has made it a priority. One of the medical companies that has started to make inroads into stem cell treatment is the Lung Institute.

Abstract from the NIH

Lifestylesafter50 recently published a report on lung diseases. It covers many of the treatments that were the considered the plot lines to Star Trek and other science fiction shows. They are here and now.

What the abstract describes is not pleasant. They say that lung diseases chronic obstructive pulmonary diseases, including asthma and emphysema, will rise in deadly effectiveness. These deaths will raise to the third most common form by 2020. Stem cell, cell therapies, and ex vino lung bio-engineering are what the medical community are seeing as the best way to learn about and combat these illnesses. Several types of cells, specifically endothelial progenitor and mesenchymal stem, are showing great promise. There are several therapies and regenerative approaches for lung repairs are being used to explore these ways to heal that are continuously being perfected.

The Lung Institute has created a way to deal with such lung diseases with stem cell treatments. The treatments use autologous stem cells from the patient’s own body. They continue to work to develop new treatments using stem cells. Their locations across the country use these for COPD, pulmonary fibrosis, and interstitial lung disease.

Visit the Lung Institute website and YouTube channel to learn more about stem cell treatment.