One of the nation’s leading podcast networks, PodcastOne Umbrella, is set to add a new podcast to their lineup. The new podcast, geared towards paranormal aficionados, will be called, “Beyond The Darkness.” Learn more:


The weekly podcast will debut a new show every Monday devoted to ghosts, goblins, zombies, UFOs, spirits, demons, and other phenomena one might have caught a glimpse of in the woods late at night, or watching “The X-Files.”


The show will feature experts, nay-sayers, super-normal enthusiasts, and people who have firsthand experience will paranormal phenomena. The network has recruited to heavyweights of podcasting who specialize in other-worldly issues: Tim Dennis and Dave Schrader.


Dennis is a veteran radio producer and show host, while Schrader is a celebrated author who has also hosted a number of shows. They will debate and discuss paranormal issues with their guests. The new show will be available for download through their website, along with iTunes, SoundCloud, and the network’s app, the PodcastOne App.


PodcastOne Umbrella is the network of famed WWE Wrestler Chris Jericho. The wrestler counts himself enthralled about the new podcast and is excited, if a little hesitant, about feeling creeped out after every episode. Jericho’s words are not to be taken lightly, as he knows a thing or two about podcasting.


Norman Pattiz, the network’s founder, and current Executive Chairman, has said the Jericho’s podcast has proven such a hit that he’s become one of the network’s MVPs. But Pattiz and Jericho never planned to restrict the network to wrestling-related shows. Today, it’s the top-rated advertiser-supported network in the country. It hosts dozens of podcasts, including Adam Carolla’s the top comedy podcast in the country.


Pattiz founded the PodcastOne Umbrella in 2012 when he saw the headway that podcasts were making among young people. He quickly transformed his fledgling network into one of the top networks in the country.


That didn’t come by accident. Pattiz has a long history in the radio world, stretching back 40 years. So making podcasts, which are essentially radio shows that listeners can download and listen to on their own time, was not that big of a jump. He has since added star-studded celebrities like Shaquille O’Neal, Dr. Drew, and Penn Jillette to his podcaster roster, all of whom bring major audiences with them.


Long before charging into podcasting, Pattiz served two presidential administrations. He was on Bill Clinton’s the Broadcasting Board of Governors of the United States of America, as well as George W. Bush board of the same name. On the board, he oversaw non-military radio transmissions outside of the United States. These radio transmissions, like Radio Free Europe and Voice of America, are key components in the country’s foreign policy.


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