Eric Lefkofsky is a well-known philanthropist and an entrepreneur. Over the years, Eric Lefkofsky has started many companies along with his trusted associates, which includes InnerWorkings, Uptake Technologies, Groupon Inc, MediaOcean, Echo Global Logistics, and Tempus. Eric Lefkofsky is also known as one of the most generous philanthropists alive today as he has given away millions in donations to charity and for other social causes. He even runs a family foundation by the name of Lefkofsky Family Foundation that is actively working in the areas of education, healthcare, medical research, and more.

Eric Lefkofsky believes that technology has the power to improve the quality of human life and it is what he aims to achieve through his business ventures as well as through his philanthropic efforts. One of the key focuses of Eric Lefkofsky right now is on expanding and scaling Tempus Inc, which is a technology firm dedicated to gathering clinical and molecular data about cancer treatment. Eric Lefkofsky has already managed to collaborate with medical facilities like Mayo Clinic, Cleveland Hospitals, and others, to develop a database of clinical information about cancer therapies. Tempus would gather and aggregate the clinical and molecular data from these medical facilities about the cancer treatment, which would help the doctors to make accurate decisions about the treatment they offer to the cancer patients.

The idea came to Eric Lefkofsky about Tempus is when one of his loved ones was diagnosed with cancer. During the treatment, he realized after interaction with the oncologists and cancer specialists that there is no centralized data available for cancer therapies, which has made it difficult for the doctors to personalize the cancer therapies as per the patients’ medical history and genomics. However, Tempus aims to fill in the gap with its vast database, which continues to grow at an exponential pace. Eric Lefkofsky is a seasoned entrepreneur and knows how to add mileage to any venture, and it is what he is trying to achieve with Tempus by helping it scale as much as possible to support cancer patients across the globe. He believes that such data can potentially save lives and make the job of physicians much easier.