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After Eric Lefkofsky realized how close cancer was to him, he found a way to try and help. As a data and technology expert, Eric Lefkofsky felt his experience would be able to pay off in the cancer industry. He wanted to show people they could have better lives if they were doing things the right way. It helped him make choices that would shape his company and allow it to grow to a new level. He had always wanted people to realize there were different things he could do and different opportunities he could make out of the situations he was in. For Eric Lefkofsky, this was a big part of the business and a big part of what he was doing. Everything he had done went back to how to make things work and how to bring attention to the issues people were facing.

Eric Lefkofsky knew there would be different opportunities he could use and things he could do to make Tempus better. He wanted to create valuable partnerships and part of that was working with other cancer data collection companies. If he was able to show people what he was doing in those situations, he would be able to actually make a difference for those in the community. It all went back to how he could provide for doctors who just wanted to treat their patients in every way possible. Cancer was terrible, but Eric Lefkofsky felt he was making a positive impact on others.

Bringing attention to issues was only part of the way the industry would work. The other opportunity people had with the cancer treatment options was the addition of Cancerlinq to Tempus. The companies decided to form a ten-year partnership. They would share information that both of them had learned from the data they had and that’s what gave them the motivation to keep working on different things. Eric Lefkofsky knew this and knew things would get better as long as he was doing business the right way for other people who were working on the business in different areas of the cancer industry.

The stunning extent of George Soros’ philanthropy is now visible to all. The Wall Street Journal and the New York Times just broke a story about George Soros and a massive donation he has just made to the Open Society Foundations.

According to the news report, George donated eighteen billion dollars to charity. This caused George to fall thirty nine places on the Forbes 400 list. However, that did not seem to bother George, who got in the habit of donating money to charity as soon as he started seeing success on Wall Street. The man who fled the communists in his native country of Hungary later started the Open Society Foundations to promote democracy and freedom in the world. They now operate in hundreds of countries and states all around the world, promoting democracy and protecting the rights of citizens of all countries.

In related news, the Atlantic recently reported on the demonization of philanthropy that is going on and which is being caused by certain segments of our society. The United States has been friendly to philanthropists. Many great philanthropists, such as Rockefeller, have donated a lot of money to charity. They do this in order to improve society on a level that an not be done through various other means. People who give small donations can not dream of changing society in the way that large donations from people like George Soros can. However, because of the political situation in our country, there is the possibility of extremists on both sides of the aisle coming up with conspiracy theories about philanthropists who donate money to causes that the other side of the political aisle is supporting. George Soros, unfortunately, has been the brunt of many conspiracy theorists, who are making up stories about him and creating conspiracies. Right wing politicians and pundits are attacking him in order to gain political points. This must stop.

People are just suspicious about anything and everything. Progressives were suspicious about large donors who owned large corporations. Conservatives were suspicious about large charities that promote progressive causes. This is not something new. Right wing conspiracy theorists have been making up stories about philanthropists ever since the 1950s, when they started talking about how they were supporting the communists. There was even a committee that was controlled by Congress that looked into whether this was happening. Of course, it was not. However, we must all stand up and support George Soros as he continues to do his great work. We must support him against the conspiracy theorists who are trying to stop him from doing his good deeds. Let us all be in this together.

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Eric Lefkofsky is a well-known philanthropist and an entrepreneur. Over the years, Eric Lefkofsky has started many companies along with his trusted associates, which includes InnerWorkings, Uptake Technologies, Groupon Inc, MediaOcean, Echo Global Logistics, and Tempus. Eric Lefkofsky is also known as one of the most generous philanthropists alive today as he has given away millions in donations to charity and for other social causes. He even runs a family foundation by the name of Lefkofsky Family Foundation that is actively working in the areas of education, healthcare, medical research, and more.

Eric Lefkofsky believes that technology has the power to improve the quality of human life and it is what he aims to achieve through his business ventures as well as through his philanthropic efforts. One of the key focuses of Eric Lefkofsky right now is on expanding and scaling Tempus Inc, which is a technology firm dedicated to gathering clinical and molecular data about cancer treatment. Eric Lefkofsky has already managed to collaborate with medical facilities like Mayo Clinic, Cleveland Hospitals, and others, to develop a database of clinical information about cancer therapies. Tempus would gather and aggregate the clinical and molecular data from these medical facilities about the cancer treatment, which would help the doctors to make accurate decisions about the treatment they offer to the cancer patients.

The idea came to Eric Lefkofsky about Tempus is when one of his loved ones was diagnosed with cancer. During the treatment, he realized after interaction with the oncologists and cancer specialists that there is no centralized data available for cancer therapies, which has made it difficult for the doctors to personalize the cancer therapies as per the patients’ medical history and genomics. However, Tempus aims to fill in the gap with its vast database, which continues to grow at an exponential pace. Eric Lefkofsky is a seasoned entrepreneur and knows how to add mileage to any venture, and it is what he is trying to achieve with Tempus by helping it scale as much as possible to support cancer patients across the globe. He believes that such data can potentially save lives and make the job of physicians much easier.

Aloha Construction Inc. started out as a small family business but has grown into a industry standard by providing excellence, safety and intelligence in the construction industry. From field supervisors, inspectors, installers, insurance adjusters, company agents and of course its customers, Aloha Construction Inc. makes sure that everyone in all levels is satisfied with their service by their continued professionalism and maintaining relationships. All of this is thanks in part to the leadership of their CEO, Dave Farbaky. Not only is he a business leader but also a role model to many young and upcoming entrepreneurs. Even with a presidency position in his company, Farbaky also created the Dave Farbaky Foundation to help out the less fortunate. The foundation features a shopping spree for local children, giving them an experience but also teaches them how important acts of kindness are in society.

From southern Wisconsin and all of Illinois, Aloha Construction Inc. has provided services such as roofing, gutter preventive measures, sliding installation and window replacements to over 7,000 ventures. For roofing, a 9 step inspection process helps identify the extent of damage done to shingles, attic ventilation, and flashing. With any damage discovered, quality shingle is chosen with a guaranteed 10-year craftsmanship warranty. With gutters, Aloha provides assistance in oversized or regular, K-Style Seamless Aluminum or Omni-Style, Gutter Guards, elbows and miters. Sliding installations are done by employees who have gone training at Vinyl Sliding Institute to become certified installers who can expertly install, repair and replace any material chosen for the sliding.If unsure what a house needs in upgrades or repairs, Aloha also provides free property inspections. To know more about the company click here.

However another service often overlooked is financing. When storm hits the property, an individual’s insurance may not cover the full extent of the damage. However, Aloha has partnered with Synchrony who is a leader in financing major consumer purchases, to help with financing improvement home projects.

Kate Hudson enjoys living a successful life that happens to be full and busy. As Fabletic’s face that customers love, Kate knows how important affordable clothing options that feel wonderfully comfortable yet remain trendy are to women on the run. She works hard to empower women with gorgeous clothing styles that work within their busy lives. Fabletics outfits are chic, cozy and fit so well that women hate to take them off. Ms. Hudson also ensures that the brand offers vivid color choices and flatteringly cut styles. This brand has even released a lovely plus-size line that allows larger framed ladies to feel fantastic.


There are many reasons why Fabletics has the attention of women everywhere. This brand continues to surprise ladies with magnificent color blends, intriguing designs, soft and cushy materials and unbeatable prices. Whether gals hail from New York City to hometown USA, Fabletics has styles perfect for everyone. This is a great time to purchase flattering athleisure wear that looks like it should cost a fortune. To better the shopping process, Fabletics developed an exclusive store Lifestyle Quiz that empowers women to buy only the clothing that fits their lifestyles, perfect sizes, compatible colors and design styles.


With the Lifestyle Quiz option, Fabletics customers can really feel pampered. This tool takes the guesswork out of clothing shopping. Plus, the helpful online store website is set to remember every customer, and it reveals exciting brand style recommendations. Customers have an easy click to ship option as well. Shopping should be fun, and Fabletics is changing the shopping game. All customer information gets transferred to a main store data system. This system aids the store in choosing which garments to place in stock. This novel reverse showroom marketing aid is helping this brand keep current with customer trends.


Ever popular, Fabletics is moving to Amazon for the ultimate affordable clothing shop outlet. Not only does Fabletics live up to its promise of high quality products, the brand remains exceptionally affordable. With both physical store options and online sites too, Fabletics is reaching out to women from all walks of life. It is pretty unheard of for ladies from all age groups, locations and income levels to all shop in one store. Fabletics is astonishing business experts. Kate Hudson stays energetic, and she hopes to continue to help women find athletic clothes that are well made, affordable and stylish.

When it comes to cancer and men, prostate cancer is the cancer that affects men the most. The National Football Leagues Association, Cancer Treatment Centers of America, and LabCorp have come together to help create awareness and educate men about this disease. LabCorp is taking it a step further by providing free and low-cost PSA screenings for men all over the United States.

The American Cancer Society predicts that over 161,000 new prostate diagnosis will be made this year. Hopefully, by educating men and providing early screenings, the numbers will not continue to rise. It is recommended that African American men and those men who have a family history of prostate cancer, should begin to get screened at the age of 40,

This campaign, Prostate Pep Talk, has National Head Coaches and well-known players picking up the microphone to state how education and early screenings will benefit the overall health of men. LabCorp is happy to be on this team in getting men to get their PSA test.

Cancer Treatment Centers of America (CTCA) understands that screening leads to early detection and treatment. When caught early, it is very treatable and with the advancement in technology, the dreaded side-effects have been reduced. CTCA spends a lot of time working with the community educating people about cancer and the importance of screening and getting treated.

Cancer Treatment Centers of America is known for their unique approach to treating cancer is that no two patients are alike. Treatments are individualized because no two cancers are the same. They believe that for a person to get well, the whole person needs to be treated and cared for, and not just the cancer that is within them.

The Best Franchisee of the World Competition

Representatives from thirty-four countries such as Mexico, Brazil, Italy, Argentina, Hungary, France, and Portugal attended the Best Franchisee of the World competition which took place on 5th December 2015 in Italy. During the contest, the franchise and its impact on the network were assessed. The evaluation was on things such as how then franchisee has contributed to things such as employees’ motivation, implementation of savings and knowledge, amount of invoice, and improvements to be made to the model. In short, the competition is all about rewarding leadership, teamwork, and innovation in the franchise sector and what Omar Yunes knows.

Omar Yunes, the Sushi Itto franchisee, won the Best Franchisee of the World competition because of his contributions to the Sushi Itto. Diego Elizarrarrás, the BFW organizer in Mexico, said Mr. Yunes also took the first place in the elimination of the prize in Mexico. He won the award since it played as a significant change in the franchisee subject that is, implementation of control boards that will bring about clearer unit measurements, franchisee relationship, and achievement of better information management. According to Elizarrarrás, by winning the BFW award, Omar made the country have a place at the universal level when it comes to franchises since Mexican franchises were initially only a national affair.


Background Information

Omar Yunes is a Mexican investor. Omar first became a franchisee of Japanese food chain when he was only 21 years old. He currently owns thirteen franchised units in Puebla, Mexico City, and Veracruz. He has a keen interest in the food industry hence has control of the food industry making it easy for him to market his products. Omar represented Mexico in the BFW with the case “The professionalization of the role of the franchisee.” In his speech, Omar said that the award is for the four hundred employees of the units that he operates and the innovation of the brand. The CEO of Sushi Itto, Benjamin Cancelmo, commented that the awards won are considered as a team effort that will enable them to keep on offering their clients unique and high-quality hospitality services more information click here.

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Helane Morrison is a person known for her astute legal mind, integrity and a desire to stand up for what’s right. She has also been a practicing attorney with over 10 years experience. That combination made her a good candidate for a position with the Security and Exchange Commission. Morrison was hired by the SEC in 1996 to be head of their San Francisco district office. The position required her to be in charge of the organization’s examination and enforcement activities. Morrison quickly developed a reputation as someone who could be trusted to investigate cases against any company accused of wrong-doing regardless of their size.


After three years on the job she was promoted to regional director. That put her in charge of companies in Alaska, Idaho, Northern California, Oregon, Montana, Washington and Northern Nevada. She was the first woman to hold that position. While serving as regional director she brought cases against a number of major companies. She also investigated investment advisors and brokers accused of insider trading and taking advantage of senior citizens. Morrison also warned people to be careful when using online investment sites. In 2007 she left the SEC to become general counsel and chief compliance officer for the San Francisco based private investment company Hall Capital Partners LLC.


Helane Morrison is a native of Brooklyn, New York. She left New York to study journalism at Northwestern University. After completing her undergraduate degree in journalism she enrolled at the University of California, Berkley and earned her juris doctor. While there she was editor-in-chief of the California Law Review. After graduating Morrison was a law clerk for both Appeals Court Judge Richard A. Posner and U.S. Supreme Court Justice Harry Blackmun for a year apiece. In 1986 she joined the San Francisco law firm Howard, Rice, Nemerovski, Canady, Falk & Rabkin. Five years later she was made partner. She left to work with the SEC in 1996.


After 10 years practicing law and 11 years with the SEC, Morrison was hired by Hall Capital Partners. They were so impressed with the quality of her work and her dedication she was promoted to managing director and made an executive committee member. Helane Morrison has had a career that would make anyone proud. She’s proven to be a person of integrity and someone people can trust. Helane Morrison has made the most of her move to the West Coast.


Avi Weisfogel is interested in bringing the damaging condition of Sleep Apnea to the forefront. Dr. Avi Weisfogel has been able to do it by his highly useful sleep program titled: The Dental Sleep Masters’ Program. The Dental Sleep Masters’ program provides the Dental practitioner, as well as the physician, a way to incorporate a successful sleep program, into their respective practices. It provides a useful way to identify patients and treat the disorder, accordingly.

The Dental practitioner achieves an additional stream of income. He is able to educate the public about the Sleep Apnea condition. The condition goes undiagnosed in many communities. The need to bring the problem to the forefront is necessary.

Notes Regarding Dr. Avi Weisfogel and the Dental Sleep Masters’ Program:

Dr. Avi Weisfogel has been dedicated in remedying the condition of Sleep Apnea. He has established the Dental Sleep Masters’ program in order to show Physicians, as well as Dentists, how to incorporate a “sleep” program into their respective practices, in order to achieve, more, in the way of client revenue. He also wishes to provide education, to the general public, about the problematic sleep condition. The condition is linked to more serious diseases such as Cardiovascular Disease, and Diabetes.

Dr. Weisfogel began his career in 1999. It was at this time, he opened up his practice, known as ‘Old Bridge Dental Care’. During this time-period, he was recognized by the community as ‘Dentist of the Year’, on several occasions.

He became interested in the subject of sleep and began delving further into it. As a result, after a certain length of time, he was able to develop the unique Dental Sleep Masters’ program.

The program allows the Dentist to treat the patient with a user-friendly oral appliance, replacing scary masks and mechanical devices. The client retention rate–immediately goes up–as much as 90%. By making use of the program, Dr. Avi Weisfogel, hopes that his efforts, into the investigation of Sleep Apnea are brought forward, on a broader basis.

(Academically, Dr. Avi Weisfogel earned a B.A. Degree in Biology and Psychology from Rutgers University. He earned his DDS Degree from New York University College of Dentistry.)


Makari is a skin care company that has gained recognition for the superior products they produce. Each product in their line is created using scientific formulas from only the top people in their field. Their unique line of Swiss formula skin lightening creams contain beneficial nutrients derived from natural plant sources. This allows the cream to not only even out skin tones, but to also hydrate the skin to create a healthy glow. Visitors to the Makari Twitter and Facebook pages will see many positive comments left by people who were amazed at the superior results they achieved from using their products.

The Makari 24K gold night treatment cream is designed to help rejuvenate facial skin during periods of sleep. Not only will this skin whitening cream reduce the appearance of discoloration on the skin, it will also help tone and firm skin to help fight the signs of aging. Made for application to the face and neck, the Makari exclusive toning cream will also help firm skin while visibly reducing the look of age spots, acne discoloration and even freckles. Created with their revolutionary organiclarine, this product improves areas of hyper-pigmentation while also improving the look of mature skin. More information available at