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The technology industry, as well as the fashion industry, has many things in common. As a matter of fact, Chris Burch has noted that both industries will never be separated, in the recent past, we have also seen them grow with equal measure and potential in all corners of life. While this is true, there is evidence that both industries grow together in a seamless manner. Technology becomes fashionable over time. For this reason, fashion also becomes technologically fashionable with time. One of the most fascinating parts of this story is how these two industries have managed to grow together. When we look at the past and present events, we can try to get the reason why they grow together.


During the early times of technology advancements in the world, we look at the 70s where technology had a lot to offer. During this time, the boom box was the machine which had the capability to offer the bearer with favourite tunes and stations, wherever you could move, you will walk around with your favourite stations and tunes. These devices had two decks. While you were using one side of the deck to listen to music, you would get the other to record the playing music. Movie storylines were added to the music because its use went into the 80s. For this reason, carrying one of these devices was a popular activity in the 90s.


When the 90s dawned, the use of the boom box reduced because of the introduction of a more personalised music experience which was brought about by the Walkman. For more than one decade, the Walkman was the best edition of technology and fashion in the world of entertainment. Another decade later, his experience was mitigated by the use of the iPod. The introduction of this device revolutionised the whole experience of working with devices such as the Walkman. As we can see, whatever is considered as technology is adopted on a massive scale rendering it fashionable. For this reason, the two industries will never stop growing together as though they were one.


In the current situation, there is a synthesis of fashion and technology. The use of the helmet is one of the best examples. While people do not consider the use of a helmet fashionable, it goes ahead to protect the wearer from any form of danger during an accident. Chris is the standard of functionality and innovation.


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