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Avi Weisfogel is interested in bringing the damaging condition of Sleep Apnea to the forefront. Dr. Avi Weisfogel has been able to do it by his highly useful sleep program titled: The Dental Sleep Masters’ Program. The Dental Sleep Masters’ program provides the Dental practitioner, as well as the physician, a way to incorporate a successful sleep program, into their respective practices. It provides a useful way to identify patients and treat the disorder, accordingly.

The Dental practitioner achieves an additional stream of income. He is able to educate the public about the Sleep Apnea condition. The condition goes undiagnosed in many communities. The need to bring the problem to the forefront is necessary.

Notes Regarding Dr. Avi Weisfogel and the Dental Sleep Masters’ Program:

Dr. Avi Weisfogel has been dedicated in remedying the condition of Sleep Apnea. He has established the Dental Sleep Masters’ program in order to show Physicians, as well as Dentists, how to incorporate a “sleep” program into their respective practices, in order to achieve, more, in the way of client revenue. He also wishes to provide education, to the general public, about the problematic sleep condition. The condition is linked to more serious diseases such as Cardiovascular Disease, and Diabetes.

Dr. Weisfogel began his career in 1999. It was at this time, he opened up his practice, known as ‘Old Bridge Dental Care’. During this time-period, he was recognized by the community as ‘Dentist of the Year’, on several occasions.

He became interested in the subject of sleep and began delving further into it. As a result, after a certain length of time, he was able to develop the unique Dental Sleep Masters’ program.

The program allows the Dentist to treat the patient with a user-friendly oral appliance, replacing scary masks and mechanical devices. The client retention rate–immediately goes up–as much as 90%. By making use of the program, Dr. Avi Weisfogel, hopes that his efforts, into the investigation of Sleep Apnea are brought forward, on a broader basis.

(Academically, Dr. Avi Weisfogel earned a B.A. Degree in Biology and Psychology from Rutgers University. He earned his DDS Degree from New York University College of Dentistry.)


Doctor Jennifer Walden is one of the several wonderful doctors in Texas. She is presently the owner and controller of a cosmetic surgical facility. She specializes in plastic surgery, and laser surgery. Mother and daughter, she moved back to Texas to raise her children. Board certified plastic surgeon, she went into private practice about 3 years ago. Jennifer Walden graduated Magna Cum Laude and had the second highest grade in college. She attended and graduated from the University of Texas. Plastic surgery such as laser procedures, skin peels, and Botox will help to erase wrinkles and it all produces a beautiful clear smooth look.

Plastic surgeons in Texas are important because there are a lot of people that require procedures to clean up past accidents or surgeries. Burn patients occasionally need plastic surgery to repair skin in the smoothness it once was. It also helps to reduce the signs of scarring. A person with a 3rd or 4th-degree burns will have scarring from skin replacement. It will be up to the plastic surgeon in deciding if the scarred skin will be able to be repaired.

Top Texas surgeons are always outdoing themselves with their augmentations and reductions that they perform. They change others live daily. After surgery, the results can be remarkable. Surgery usually requires a person to take it easy for a few weeks. A female that undergoes breast augmentation will need to keep her arms down and not raise them over her head for a few weeks. They are also limited in the amount of weight they can pick up. After the six weeks of recovery, the lady will be able to return to her full commitment to exercise and work. The better the female follows orders, the better chance of a full recovery she will have.

Doctor Jennifer Walden and the other Texas Plastic Surgeons will do their best to make changes to improve the look of any surgery. They will make sure that the patient follows directions and has a full recovery after surgery. After all is said and done, the patient will be sure to show off in their new bikini.