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Rose Abelow has recently contributed towards a fundraiser that the aims to benefit the animals of the city. The fundraiser began on January 13, 2016. The goal of the fundraiser is to raise 5,000 which will be used to give toward shelters. The money given to the shelters will be used for food, medical treatment, and blankets that will be used for animals and the homeless.

During the month of winter temperatures regularly drop dramatically. During this time of season several animals are left out in the freezing cold due to space availability and/or financial reasons. Abelow is part of this fundraiser in hopes that death of animals will decline and the amount of animals will increase in shelters. He aims to help several animals to be living in a well-cared for shelter rather than at risk on the streets.

In 1990 Abelow obtained the means to practice law in New York. Abelow continued his education by attending State University of New York for his undergrad. After his undergrad he continued at Brooklyn Law School where he got his law degree. After graduating Brooklyn Law School he focused on dealing with the topic of families. He is a specialist in family and matrimonial law as well as entertainment and marketable litigation. After 26 years Abelow became a partner at Abelow & Cassandro, Llp.

Mr. Abelow has tremendous experience regarding entertainment law. He has been a representative for several great entertainers. The services provided by Abelow range from contracts to legal affairs to property matters. Ross strongly believes that an entertainer should defiantly have a lawyer. Regarding divorce law Abelow aims for both parties to get what they each want. He also aims to have both parties feel they have gotten a fair deal of negotiation and settlement. Many lawyers admire Abelow’s ability to work in several areas of law. Ross has proven to himself and others that he can work in multiple areas of law efficiently.

When Ross Abelow has spare time he is submitting articles with legal content to several blogs. One of the blogs Ross Abelow contributes to on a daily bases is Crowns Point New York. He also writes and maintains a blog for his personal use regularly. His personal blog focuses primarily about legal and business affairs. Also, Abelow is very active in getting his positive point of view out to the media.

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