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Thor Halvorssen is a busy guy. Born in Venezula, Mr. Halvorssen is a forty-one year old with many titles of distinction, both in his homeland and around the world. His parent’s perhaps assisted him on this road to speaking out for human rights. His father was a businessman and human rights organizer who served as Ambassador for anti-Narcotic Affairs during the Perez Presidency. Thor Halvorssen’s mother was a descendent of Venezuela’s first two presidents. She was shot in 2004 attending a public, peaceful protest.

Halvorssen has been actively involved in working against slavery, threats to democracy, human trafficking and dictatorships. Among other groups opposing slavery and free speech around the world, Mr. Halvorssen served as CEO of the Foundation for Individual Rights in Education, and creation of the Human Rights Foundation in New York. This organization stands for civil and political rights as well as freedom for political pisoners throughout the world. Another of Halvorssen’s creations is the Oslo Freedom Forum.

In addition to his work as a civil rights activists, Thor Halvorssen is a movie producer, whose films emphasize human rights and freedom. His work, in films and in life are focused on freedom and civil rights. He fully supports everyone who speaks out against tyranny. His support is not just seen in words or film. Halvorssen himself has been physically beaten by Vietnamese authorities for secretly interviewing an imprisoned minister of the Unified Buddhist Church of Vietnam. Halvorssen was beaten and detained as his cameraman got away with the taped interview.

Thor Halvorssen is slow to identify with any radical conservative group. He believes in freedom for everyone and goes against dictators of any kind. His own staff is not questioned for their personal beliefs, as long as they believe in freedom and are willing to stand up for political prisoners around the world. Most recently Mr. Halvorssen is focused on tyranny in North Korea, and hopes to free the entire country of political prisoners called the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea. Seventy years of tyranny from three generations of rule under the Kim family is long enough. More than 200,000 Korean people are thought to be serving prison terms for thinking bad of their dictatorship government.

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