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People sometimes get confused about investment bankers. They will occasionally mix up these most useful business analysts with finance con men. The truth will surprise those folks. Most modern business relies on the professional expertise of really good investment bankers, and this is especially true for larger companies. Martin Lustgarten is a top investment banker, who now owns his own brokerage service business, and who has been exceedingly prolific in the past with his core investment banker skill of accurate determination of any particular company’s total value.


Since the business of investment bankers is to invest large pools of money in other businesses, all competent investment bankers are trained and become most expert in value determination. This is an area that Lustgarten has been quite successful in and effective for his clients. His research and depth of his close examinations of all aspects of a company often turn up assets, even liquid assets, that the company’s management had overlooked.


Many companies have found that fastest and safest way to grow bigger is to either acquire or merge with another company, usually a competitor in the same business space. The first thing a board of directors usually do to perform due diligence, is to hire a great investment banker, such as Lustgarten, with an excellent track record of accurate business assets and total value analysis. It helps if they have also been involved in other business special events, such as an Initial Public Offering (IPO), or any type of complicated asset transaction.
Martin Lustgarten applies a number of skills he has honed to perfection, over the years in assisting with Mergers and Acquisitions (M&A) on contract to that company. He started an investment bank service of his own and still assists other companies in their M&A activities. Many companies rely upon his valuation reports to get an accurate picture of a company they are targeting for either a merger, or an acquisition. Other activities he has experience with include: complex stocks and bonds transactions, asset transfers, and helping a private company go public with their first IPO.

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