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The stunning extent of George Soros’ philanthropy is now visible to all. The Wall Street Journal and the New York Times just broke a story about George Soros and a massive donation he has just made to the Open Society Foundations.

According to the news report, George donated eighteen billion dollars to charity. This caused George to fall thirty nine places on the Forbes 400 list. However, that did not seem to bother George, who got in the habit of donating money to charity as soon as he started seeing success on Wall Street. The man who fled the communists in his native country of Hungary later started the Open Society Foundations to promote democracy and freedom in the world. They now operate in hundreds of countries and states all around the world, promoting democracy and protecting the rights of citizens of all countries.

In related news, the Atlantic recently reported on the demonization of philanthropy that is going on and which is being caused by certain segments of our society. The United States has been friendly to philanthropists. Many great philanthropists, such as Rockefeller, have donated a lot of money to charity. They do this in order to improve society on a level that an not be done through various other means. People who give small donations can not dream of changing society in the way that large donations from people like George Soros can. However, because of the political situation in our country, there is the possibility of extremists on both sides of the aisle coming up with conspiracy theories about philanthropists who donate money to causes that the other side of the political aisle is supporting. George Soros, unfortunately, has been the brunt of many conspiracy theorists, who are making up stories about him and creating conspiracies. Right wing politicians and pundits are attacking him in order to gain political points. This must stop.

People are just suspicious about anything and everything. Progressives were suspicious about large donors who owned large corporations. Conservatives were suspicious about large charities that promote progressive causes. This is not something new. Right wing conspiracy theorists have been making up stories about philanthropists ever since the 1950s, when they started talking about how they were supporting the communists. There was even a committee that was controlled by Congress that looked into whether this was happening. Of course, it was not. However, we must all stand up and support George Soros as he continues to do his great work. We must support him against the conspiracy theorists who are trying to stop him from doing his good deeds. Let us all be in this together.

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