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Bob Reina is the CEO and founder of Talk Fusion, which is a video marketing company. He is not only a great business man, but he is also a philanthropist. Bob believes that great responsibility comes with success. That is why he is committed to helping people in whatever way that he can.

Bob Reina has donated one million dollars to the Humane Society of Tampa Bay. This is an organization that helps find homes for animals. Bob has also donated to an orphanage in Indonesia. Additionally, he recently started a new program where Talk Fusion associates can donate a free account to any charity. People who have this program will have access to video newsletters, video email, video chat and live meetings.

Bob believes that people will have an easier time reaching their goals if they have access to cutting-edge video marketing solutions. There have been many people who have achieved success thanks to Talk Fusion. Every time a Talk Fusion associate helps someone else live their dreams, they are supporting Bob’s vision.

Bob’s goal is to use his success to help other people. He is changing lives all over the world.

About Bob Reina

Bob Reina is a talented businessman who wants to help people follow their dreams. His motto is “Bring us your dreams, and we will help you do the rest.” Bob studied at the University of South Florida and worked several jobs while he was earning his degree. After he graduated, he attended police academy and graduated at the top of his class.

Bob enjoyed working as a police officer, but he wanted to pursue entrepreneurship. He temporarily worked as an associate in direct selling, but his dreams were much bigger. In 2007, Bob decided to start Talk Fusion. Bob’s hard work and commitment are some of the many reasons both his company and life are successful.


Coriant, the giant optical transport vendor with proven track record of supplying network solutions to more than 100 countries, has appointed a new CEO and Chairman of the board- Shaygan Kheradpir. The former Juniper networks CEO Shaygan is ready to replace Pat DiPietro, the incumbent president who will renounce his responsibilities as a president and CEO and go back to being an operating partner at Marlin Equity partners. He will continue to hold the position of vice chairman of Coriant.
Shaygan Kheradpir, the veteran C-suite executive, is known to deliver ground-breaking systems, silicon, software and hardware that help the clients to build most robust and efficient networks all across the planet. Before joining Coriant, he was CEO and member of the board at Juniper Networks, world’s largest network company. Before Juniper networks, he held CIO, COO and CTO positions at Verizon communications, and Barclays PLC respectively. As the chief Information officer at Verizon, Kheradpir took information technology initiatives of Verizon’s business units to new heights. These initiatives included development and placement of platforms for the all-fiber network, and this was with maximum certainty one of the largest IT infrastructure programs in the U.S. At Barclays PLC, he led business transformations in operations through avid technological innovations and automation.
Kheradpir started as communications professional at GTE in 1987. During his term, he brought about significant transformations in the cost structure of the company through his operational excellence and even rebuilt some core systems of GTE. Kheradpir is extremely knowledgeable and has served as an adjunct professor at Northeastern university. His name belongs to CIO magazine’s Hall of Fame for the year 2007.
Now, with his comeback as the CEO and Chairman at Coriant, he is expected to deliver more than he ever did. It is not that he is walking blind into this role. According to sources, Kheradpir had been working closely with the senior management as an operations executive to Marlin. DiPetro and other executives recognize Kherapir’s abilities and term him as a leader of business and technology with more than 28 years of industry (executive) experience across industries such as telecom, media, and financial services.
Shaygan Kheradpir definitely has immense industry exposure having spent considerable time in companies like GTE and Verizon Communications. As chief technology and operations executives in firms like Barclays, he is someone who understands C-level positions, the responsibilities and power that come with it. However, whether he is fit to run an optical system vendor with operations spread across 100 countries and 500 active customers and revenue figures touching $1 billion is yet to be seen. In this VOCA business environment, the firm also looks forward to competing with leaders of the market, Cisco, Huawei, Alcatel-Lucent etc. Experience counts for a great deal when it comes to select a successor. Coriant’s rival are in a tight spot right now because they know and understand Kheradpir’s prowess and Coriant should realize at this point of time that the competitors are going to react quickly and irreversibly.


In 2013 the Coriant company was established by the investment company Marlin Equity Partners, who had purchased a number of technology companies and an entire department from the technology giant Siemens. The company has already begun to make an impact on the telecommunications industry under the leadership of Marlin’s Pat DiPietro, but is now looking to make an even stronger impact on the industry with the appointment of Shayagan Kheradpir as the incoming CEO.

Shaygan Kheradpir is a string choice as CEO as he has developed a range of skills from technology development through to the latest in business techniques. Coriant is looking to develop new technologies in the telecommunications and data networking areas, which should suit the skills of Kheradpir in leading them to greater success in the future. Kheradpir is well known for heading the development of new technologies for the telecommunications industry. Soon after Kheradpir graduated from Cornell University he made his way to GTE Labs and later Verizon where he revolutionized the research and development areas of the entire industry.

Not only did Shaygan Kheradpir change the way telecommunications companies develop new hardware he also looked to make significant changes to the way business was completed. Kheradpir was amongst the first technology executives to realize the monetary savings offered by outsourcing IT departments, and also looked to take a strong position during negotiations to reduce the costs for business contracts. His skills as a business leader eventually saw Shaygan Kheradpir take up a seat on the board of the financial giant, Barclay’s.

Coriant is now looking to build upon its early success that has seen the company reach more than 3,000 employees and has reached customers in around 100 countries. The work of Coriant has been recognized by many who see the company as one of the most important for the future of the telecommunications industry, which has seen Coriant look to challenge the dominance of the established corporations traditionally heading the industry.

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