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Helane Morrison is a person known for her astute legal mind, integrity and a desire to stand up for what’s right. She has also been a practicing attorney with over 10 years experience. That combination made her a good candidate for a position with the Security and Exchange Commission. Morrison was hired by the SEC in 1996 to be head of their San Francisco district office. The position required her to be in charge of the organization’s examination and enforcement activities. Morrison quickly developed a reputation as someone who could be trusted to investigate cases against any company accused of wrong-doing regardless of their size.


After three years on the job she was promoted to regional director. That put her in charge of companies in Alaska, Idaho, Northern California, Oregon, Montana, Washington and Northern Nevada. She was the first woman to hold that position. While serving as regional director she brought cases against a number of major companies. She also investigated investment advisors and brokers accused of insider trading and taking advantage of senior citizens. Morrison also warned people to be careful when using online investment sites. In 2007 she left the SEC to become general counsel and chief compliance officer for the San Francisco based private investment company Hall Capital Partners LLC.


Helane Morrison is a native of Brooklyn, New York. She left New York to study journalism at Northwestern University. After completing her undergraduate degree in journalism she enrolled at the University of California, Berkley and earned her juris doctor. While there she was editor-in-chief of the California Law Review. After graduating Morrison was a law clerk for both Appeals Court Judge Richard A. Posner and U.S. Supreme Court Justice Harry Blackmun for a year apiece. In 1986 she joined the San Francisco law firm Howard, Rice, Nemerovski, Canady, Falk & Rabkin. Five years later she was made partner. She left to work with the SEC in 1996.


After 10 years practicing law and 11 years with the SEC, Morrison was hired by Hall Capital Partners. They were so impressed with the quality of her work and her dedication she was promoted to managing director and made an executive committee member. Helane Morrison has had a career that would make anyone proud. She’s proven to be a person of integrity and someone people can trust. Helane Morrison has made the most of her move to the West Coast.


Doe Deere Guest of a Guest Interview
Doe Deere is the founder of Lime Crime. Lime Crime is a highly successful makeup business that sells primarily online. People can browse countless shades of lipsticks, eyeshadow, liner, glitter, hair chalk, and so many more products! All of the products were created by someone who has a passion for makeup. That person is Doe Deere. If you’ve ever seen Deere, your first thought is most likely striking. She’s got flawless skin, gorgeous hair, and her makeup is always flawless. She’s known as the queen of the unicorns and it’s so easy to see why. It’s because whenever you lay eyes on her, you automatically sense something magical about her appearance. She was able to recreate her look for others by coming out with a successful makeup line called Lime Crime.

The reason Lime Crime has been so successful is because Deere is a very ambitious individual. She’s had a drive to be successful ever since she was a young girl growing up in Russia. She developed a passion for makeup and a thick skin very early on. Those are the two components necessary when running a successful makeup company. Deere is no stranger to criticism but she always seems to rise above and remain on top. She’s passionate about her product and she knows it looks good! It’s important to see the CEO of a business using their product and raving about it.

Deere has always been a unique individual. The typical shades of pink and red lipstick that you see in the store would not satisfy her. She needed something more and something different. She knew others had to feel the same and that’s why there are so many different shades of lime crime lip colors. Deere does not discriminate against anyone. Her products are for the young and old as well as men and women. She understands that makeup is a true art form and many like to think of their face as the canvas. Deere experiments with all different colors and she feels that others should too. She even shows off their looks in her lime crime lookbook.

Deere didn’t get her start in makeup although she had a passion in it. Deere started out as a musician and as someone in a marketing role. Her former jobs brought her where she is today. They taught her the valuable skills necessary in running a business. They taught her to be determined and how to sell a product. Before that, however, Deere started her very own small business when she was a young teenager in Russia. She told temporary tattoos. This shows that from very early on, Deere knew she had a skill set for selling people things that look good. It’s no wonder that Lime Crime has been so successful.

Overall, you can’t think Lime Crime without thinking Doe Deere. That’s because Deere epitomizes the products that she has created. She’s always rocking the bright lips and bright hair. Her makeup stays on flawlessly and that’s because she’s using a product she believes in, her product.


Women around the world are increasingly called on to accomplish many important things in life. In many cases, women now realize they can be part of the business world and be involved in creation and running of companies. One business woman knows this very well. Doe Deere is the creator of Lime Crime, one of the world’s most popular online makeup sellers. As such, she finds that she is constantly called on to assume many roles as she helps pull her company forward into the coming decades. She knows that her customers and her suppliers depend on her leadership skills to help make sure the company functions effectively.

Speaking Out

In a recent article forĀ Galore Magazine, Deere talks to a reporter about the way she manages her career and keeps Lime Crime ahead of ongoing makeup trends. As someone who loves color, she knows that is imperative to keep being innovative and finding new color combinations to explore. As a business woman, she knows she’s also a leader and an inspiration to women everywhere. She also knows that in doing so she is someone that people look to in order to discover entirely new ideas about makeup and other trends in the fashion world.

Her Own Makeup Style

Deere is someone who not only embraces the world of business but also embraces the world of makeup. Even when she was young she knew that she loved creating looks. She also knew that she wanted to be in business and earn her own way. As she grew up, the idea of starting her own company began to look like a great way to earn money and have fun at the same time. This is where Lime Crime came from: her own imagination and her own hard work. This is why she has been such a success. She understands her customer base.

Connecting With Customers

Given this track record, it is hardly surprising that she has been able to attract many followers. Her followers understand that it is possible to do as she has done and create their own looks. She has been largely involved in business in a sense as a collaborator with her customers. Just as she can inspire them, so too can they inspire her. The result is a synergy between her creative energy and the energy of her fans and a company that really and truly works.

“I make makeup for girls and boys like me, who express themselves unapologetically. Lime Crime is freedom to be you!”

Doe Deere is also big on helping others and has given to numerous charities that improve the lives of children, animals and women.


Doe Deere, CEO of Lime Crime cosmetics, recently shared her favorite fashion and beauty rules to break. Deere is famous for her bright hair and makeup, which have become a signature look for her brand, Lime Crime. She’s an artist turned business woman, and Self-Made magazine recently named her one of the Top Inspiring Female Entrepreneurs.

Deere says that she has always been imaginative and loves to create looks with as much color as possible. Deere came up with the name Lime Crime in 2004 when she was creating a name for her eBay store. She says that the word “lime crime” popped into her head first. Lime green was one of her favorite colors and the name wasn’t already taken, so she registered it not knowing how popular it would become. Judging by her vibrant and colorful looks, it is clear that Deere has never been one to follow the rules, so it’s no surprise that she recently shared her favorite beauty and fashion rules to break. Here they are:

1. A bold eye with a bold lip won’t work.

Deere says that she breaks this rule almost every day. She says that, in her opinion, many bold colors at the same time are a great look.

2. You shouldn’t mix too many colors at once.

Deere says that there is no reason you can’t use a bunch of colors on your face as long as they are coordinated. This rule can be used for clothes as well as hair and makeup.

3. You shouldn’t mix patterns.

Deere believes that more patterns are better. She says that she is a huge fan of print-on-print outfits. According to Deere, there is no real wrong way to pair patters, but it is important to make sure that they have the same color scheme and compliment each other.

4. Socks with open-toed shoes are a fashion mistake.

Deere feels that no outfit is complete without a colorful pair of socks and hiding them beneath closed-toed shoes would just be wrong.

5. If you have unnaturally colored hair, you should only wear neutral colors.

Deere agrees that black, white, and other neutral colors create a good background for brightly colored hair, but she won’t stop wearing the colors she loves. She believes that, as long as you pay attention to how the colors coordinate with one another, there’s no reason you can’t wear colorful clothing with colorful hair.

6. Dress according to your age.

Many older people feel that they can’t wear the same things they used to wear when they were younger, but Deere says there’s no reason they can’t. She believes that age should not dictate what colors, patterns, or styles one wears.

7. You should always dress appropriately for the occasion.

Deere says that she never saves her fancier outfits for special occasions. If she wants to wear them and doesn’t have a special event to attend, she wears them to the grocery store instead. She feels that we should dress in what makes us feel beautiful, regardless of how appropriate it is for the occasion.

Overall, Deere’s message is that, regardless of what fashion rules state, we should wear our hair, makeup, and clothing in the way that makes us feel most beautiful because that is what fashion is all about.